Tuesday, March 31

Another job done!

I like making small quilts and usually there are 3 on the wall in my sewingroom.
The "designs" change according to seasons although the christmasquilts lasted 'till june last year :)
I pulled out "spring" the other day and once again I was annoyed by the way everything was stored
All rolled up together in an old bedsheet I pinned together.
Time to re-arrange and tackle another chore.
In no time I had something looking like this:
Flipped picture, but you'll get the idea. A bag per season/theme and on the back of the label I wrote down what quilts are inside. I even made a bag for all the rods I use.
I basicly sewed tubes and tight the ends with a hair elastic. I do need to buy new elastics to tie my hair, since I used all I had.

This little project was an excellent occasion to try a big threadcone. My Husq can be very picky about thread, so before ordering a very expensive big Precensia cone, Í'd better testdrive.

Sven, the Husq didn't even know it was there and didn't skip a stitch. Yeey!
Fabric: ONE euro p/mtr, cheap test drive thread cone 1.80. Yeey again!
Points for organising my stuff: 10.
Note to self: should/could have done this ages ago.


  1. Love that safety pin!! Glad Sven cooperated!

  2. i've been thinking about buying thread by the cone, but i never would have come up with the safety pin idea - you are just so doggone clever, woman!!!

    i think it is kinda cool that both of our vikings are named Sven...

    i've started wrapping rolled quilts in muslin that is about two feet too long and then tucking the ends into the roll - it works, but i didn't label any of them and will have to guess which is which - once again, you are so much smarter than i am!

    by the way - i sent of my version of Hello, Handsome! to the longarm quilter a couple of weeks ago - so very, very glad to see the end of the big ol' creep for a while...