Monday, April 27


 C and I sewed a miniquilt the other day and purely by coicendence I managed to press each and every seam in the right direction so I could fan every seam intersection! Now this is what I call pure art...
and no, it is NOT crooked in front, it's just the picture, trust me....
 We both chose a different layout
Mine ofcourse, is the one without the pink :)
Only thing left to do is to figure out how on earth I managed this!


  1. Dat is echt een foto om van te kwijlen. Wat een mooie naadjes! Oh, en de voorkant is ook erg mooi!

  2. oooo!!! look at those lovely seams!!!
    is what i will write, but...

    mutter mutter showoff mutter...
    is what is in my head...

    seriously, those are lovely, lovely seams and now you are Seams Flawlessly Pressed Open Woman!!!

    SFPOW for short? nah, i don't need another acronym in my Life...

  3. They are beautifully done, and gorgeous! What size is your Mini Quilts?

    I will have to give that a some point!

    Hmmm... Maybe another group project!?