Sunday, April 19

Smoke coming out of the machines!

This weekend I had a sewing spree and I made Sven ánd both of the Featherweights work for their money. Baking DD had some requests for starters.
She makes her tea with fresh leaves instead of teabags and uses a French press.
She needed a cosy. I immedeately showed her pictures of fancy cozy wraps but no...she had her heart set on a simple one.
So....after some measuring and a sample of ugly fabric...
Now, I can do a better pic that that. It looks like a silly hat this way! A bit more effort here please!
Ahhhh, much better!
Another request was a new shoppingbag. Her fav one was really worn out.
I duplicated that one but..more fancy if I say so myself
 Ikea plastic "fabric" on the outside, gingham inside and shoulder-as well as hand handles, just as Baking DD wanted.

 Next up some bags the Feathers needed to make for themselves. I do NOT trust the case's handles nor latches. After some research online I came across a picture of a bag looking like this:
( I do want to give credit, but cannot find the picture again..)
The bag stays on, latches are free so there's no need to take it of since the case can be opened easily. Extra benefit is that the case itself is protected too, from bumping (me with the hoover e.g. LOL)
The bags are lined with leftover batting and more not that pretty fabric.
I can carry the Feather on my shoulder, ánd in my hand; handles are long ánd short enough. Room for book too :)
Each Feather sewed it's own bag ofcourse...
Sewed some mini quilts/blocks too, but I'll save that for another time!
Time to give the machines some rest (I think I heard Sven panting) and to watch the Moto GP (Go Valentino Rossi!!)

Edit: found the "founder of the bag". You can find her blogpost here .

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