Sunday, May 10

My face...

 This contains , what i call, my face. It is usually not flipped over (except early mornings) but we'll do with this picture.
I put it on every morning and take it of before going to bed.
Although I really love the polkadots. this bag has a flaw: it has no extra internal nor external pockets,
which means an extra 5 minutes every morning (and I am NOT a morning person) looking for a eyeshadow brush. I have lots, but they are scattered around somewhere. the one that's in the bag, hides.
So, after some Pinterest and some ME, I came up with this:

 Not that i actually use all the brushes, but if i want to, i have them at hand.
 Especially for Dianne: this label is, well, a band aid of sorts.
I sewed too close to the edge and things started to fray. I was too far in the process to rip it all apart and strat over, so: a label/bandaid.
See. my seams do go wrong haha!!!
 This afternoon, my offspring came by for mother's day, so i provided lunch
 The sign, Quilting DD gave me, was exactly what i needed:) to complete my little "buffet'
Happy Mother's day!


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! you know that NO ONE would ever have known if you hadn't told!!!

    my face lives on my head because i decided that being pretty hurts too much - i did start using mascara again, but only because Melissa gave me some that is GREEN...

    lunch looks SO good!!! happy Mothers Day!

  2. Lovely stitched make-up bag and tools roll Annemiek!

    I too, like Dianne here, choose not to be bothered with putting on a face, though maybe mascara once in a while.

    Moms aren't supposed to make lunch (or breakfast, or supper) on Mother's Day!! What's up with that!?! .... Looks delicious though!!! ;)