Friday, May 29


Like many, I hate ironing. I do manage to iron fabrics and pressing a quiltblock, but doing clothes is a different story.
On the other hand: I love vintage irons :) and I have collected a few from thriftstores-and markets.

I own several flat irons. I use them as paperweights and to keep a large piece of fabric on the table when cutting.
One that can be filled with hot coal..
A very early electric one. Info on the internet: very, VERY dangerous....LOL
A later electric one. When I can find the right plug, I will try this one!
And today my latest find was delivered: a gas iron. it has burners on the inside. And no, I will not try to light this one although it seems in almost perfect condition.

Best thing about it is, that it is called : the Rhythm. How cool is that!!!
 Space is very limited in my sewingroom (and for that matter, in my house too), so I have no room for elaborate display. A tiny bookcase will have to do. Still, I enjoy them when sewing :)
Next stop is a visit to the Washing and Ironing museum that apparently is in my own village! I cannot find the info about vintage irons that I want on the web, so the museum might shed some light about how old my irons are

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