Sunday, October 11

Old school..

Hmm, 3 sundays in a row with a blogpost; i'm beginning to see a pattern here...Ah well, better than blogsilence!
I got a question by email about how I handsew the Farmer's Wife blocks. I do them old school.
Print the templates, glue them on sandpaper and cut them out. I then draw each and every patch that is required for a particular block and cut them out. Not with a rotarycutter but with scissors.

 Oh, I also punch a hole in the template where lines connect, mark those points and connect the dots to get my excact sewing line.
Minimal waste, very timeconsuming and very relaxing...
The best part? All the corners match,
 each and every
 time, again and again...
This weeks update:
 and the last, the farmer's puzzle block that I tweaked a bit. it looked like a swastika and I didn't want that. It was ugly.
Another conversation I had:
"why do you have so many pincushions?"
-because I love making them, they're cute, quick to make and usefull-
"but you need only one"
"wait, what?  you change your cushion with seasons???"
-uh, yep-
"you're weird...."

So this week I went from summer
 to fall...

I'm weird..

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  1. Wow! That is a lot of prep work before you even get anything cut, but if you enjoy it, then why not!!
    your blocks are great!
    I'm still slowly working on my Hexi project. I only work on it when I go for a short quilt group gathering. I don't like toting my sewing machine unless it is to a 2-4 day retreat..
    Your pincushions are darling. There are a lot of patterns for them out there!!