Wednesday, November 4

Home again..

after the trip to Berlin with Baking DD. Lovely stay at the Hampton hotel, gorgeous sunshiny weather, great sights, beautifull artifacts at the museums, good company....what more do you want?(although I could do without the sore feet after constant walking/strolling around town! We were completely knackered after our return!!)

The cute trafficlights in the former east
 Medieval citywall
 Quaint streets
 Bernini inspired fountain
 The church (can you believe it was built in 1998???? It was there before, bombed in the war and rebuild later)
 Views from the top of the church
Postdammer Platz
 Jewish memorial
 The wall

the most beautifull piece at the Neues Museum: statue of Nefertiti, my personal highlight. The pic is not mine (not allowed to photograph her) but picked from the internet
and much, much more......


  1. Lots of sightseeing done! I can imagine the sore feet for sure!! Thanks for taking us on the tour! Wonderful images!!

  2. Awesome photos Annemiek!
    I love seeing your travel pics! I'd love to visit some of those places one day, but the only places DH wants to travel to has hot beaches, deserts, and palm trees... So, we don't go anywhere! ;(