Monday, July 4

Still here!

Only a week between me and my holiday! Lots of cleaning to do at work and loads of forms to fill in order to close properly. I'm dragging myself from day to day this week, that's for sure! But after this there will be SEVEN weeks of doing what I want to do instead of what work wants me to do!

Although I was not busy blogging, I did spent my time well. Made a SuperHero doll for Cutypie that turned out quite nice and (almost) finished piecing the Farmer s Wife.

And.....I won a book!
It has the happiest children's quilts ever and each quilt has it's own softie. A must-have if you ask me, for anyone with kids in their vicinity. It has a cd with all templates and the instructions are rather easy to follow
 I made this doll and appliqued a superman logo on het belly and cape with her letter J instead of the original S (sorry for the flipped photo)
And then there were "days out" One of them lead me to the roof of the St Jan cathedral (medieval) in the nearby town. This year they put scaffolding up so you could walk alongside the roof to see the magnificent statues up close.

Not all was bright and happy though...Yesterday our car kind of died and when we discussed what to do, my eye was caugth by this
 My 30 year old hedges are infected and dying! The F word came to mind again...
While I m writing this post I noticed my sign, hanging on for dear life on it's nail

Right on point: keep calm and carry on a bit crooked....

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  1. oh - that eff word had become a favorite around here, too ... i have missed you! give Cuteypie kisses and hugs from me...