Wednesday, July 13


Not much of summer here. Still rainy and an occasional patch of sunshine.
So.....I cleaned up the garden when it was dry, cleaned the kitchen (overdue) and tidied my wardrobe.
Then there was no reason left to procastnate (ah well, 2 computergames..and a book to finish) ,all chores checked of my list...

The Farmer's Wife! Still not quite sure, but I ran out of options. The white with red dots? Not enough fabric:( Red with white dots? Same story....
So....with most votes of family and friends

Note my "A" in the bottom right corner :)
After struggling with massive pieces of fabric and batting ,Thunderbird C came to the rescue and helped layering and pinning.
And now it can be quilted which, probably, will take forever to do...
Tomorrow i'll make a start; gran daycare duties to perform, so after cuddling and playing CutyPie will need to sleep and gran can quilt.
It has been ages since I actually quilted, so it took some time to gather the supplies. Sorted and cleaned the quiltroom while I was searching for threads and thimbles.
But: I'm ready to roll now!!


  1. It's lovely! Will you hand quilt it? I like the check very much. It feels very Dutch.

  2. Die tekst op dat blauwe koffertje...helemaal geweldig.