Thursday, April 21

The "Happy joy" how to :)

I got some emails asking me how I drew the "happy happy joy joy" blocks.
First credit where credit's due: I got the idea and inspiration from Freddy Moran. I got the book "collaborative quilting" and just couldn't stop looking at her extremely happy quilts.
I made the pattern myself and thise is how I did that:
Note: I'm working with CENTIMETRES  instead of INCHES. You should find your own equivalent in inches!

First draw a square the size of your finished block. Make it easy on yourself and pick a size you can divide by 3.
Mine is 21x21 cm.
Mark the middle and where you divided it in 3. I made a mark every 7 cm, 'cause 21:3=7 :)

Connect the dots and there's your propeller....
Now it's time to look for a pair of compasses and draw your first circle.
Diametre of my first is 14 cm
Then the second circle. Diametre is 16 cm.

The small circles in the centre are appliqued on later. I used a threadspool as a template.

And that's all there is to it!
I cut the paper parts, added seamallowances to the straight lines,glued them on sandpaper and drew every piece on the fabric. Old-school piecing that is :)
Do not forget to add seamallowance to the curved lines. I eyeballed that while tracing the templates onto the fabric. I already had my sewinglines and since I sewed by hand, I had no problems.

A word about colour: I went from the idea that anything goes. If the outer circle had a purple dot, I sometimes chose a purple background for the inner circle. Other propellers are randomly put together just because the colourcombo seemed nice to me (and bright!)
Happy sewing!


  1. Oh yes, I remember those days of drafting blocks with pen, paper and compass. I'm so happy that they invented EQ so I don't have to think anymore LOL.


  2. You are a heck of a talented Quilter!
    Thank you My Dear for explaining how to draw this wonderful pattern.
    I have been dreaming of making this quilt since I saw it on your Blog
    ...and remember: 'als je 10 stoffen bij elkaar doet, moeten ze bij elkaar passen en doe je er 100 bij elkaar dan passen ze altijd...'
    Thank you again!

  3. Thanks for the little tute and the old-school method Annemiek! It may come in handy! 8-)

    Happy Easter to you!