Thursday, April 28

To de-stash or not to de-stash...

I've added some great books lately to my ever growing collection.( I not only have a fabric stash but also a book stash.)

I love the series from the Hargrave ladies!  I have been quilting for ages, but i'm a newbie at machine piecing and these books offer lessons, tips and tricks to master that. To be honest, i don't do all the lessons, simply because the projects are not to my taste ánd because I do know how to strip piece. Nevertheless, I learn a lot by studying the books and doing lots of excersizes.
The 3rd volume is all about triangles and I already managed to sew hst's with all the points matching perfectly! (well 90%....*lol*)
Time to tackle another project in another book
The plan was to sew this quilt from all of my fabrics that lived for faaaaaar to long in my drawers. I don't like them that much anymore, colours are not as bright as I'd want them today and some are just boring. This project would be perfect to get rid of all those..
But...what do you get when you cut up all your boring oldies for a quilt? Yep, a boring quilt! So more and more newer bought brights are added and now I'm thinking about BUYING new ones for this. So much for a de-stashing plan!

This is part of what's already on my wall. I feel it's missing something. I definately need a bright purple e.g. and more really bright red...What do you think? What should I add? (and no Corrine: absolutely not anything PINK, not even if you call it "lighter red"..) 


  1. Yep purple would be good and anything with more red is OK in my book. I must admit some BRIGHT pink would be perfect too (you may not love pink but it's all about the project right? LOL).

    Kudos on learning to machine piece. I'm afraid I just don't have the patience to learn and I'm too spoiled sitting in a recliner to sew and being hunched over a noisy sewing machine makes my back ache LOL.


  2. Harriet's Treadle Arts (about 15 miles from where i live and the FIRST quilt shop i ever went into) is owned by the Hargraves - Carrie is there a lot, but i haven't seen Harriet in a while - i do know that she makes some of the best Snickerdoodles that i've ever eaten, cuz she loads up plates with cookies for the shop hop ... i've taken some miscellaneous (silk ribbon embroidery and silk ribbon flowers) classes there, but the prerequisites for the more advanced quilting classes are THEIR beginning classes and (even though i might actually LEARN something - ha ha ha) i don't want to make the prerequisite quilts cuz, like you, they don't really appeal to me.

  3. I think it is lovely just like it is!

  4. Er kan best wat knalrood bij en inderdaad ook wat paars. Rose lijkt me in zo'n knallende quilt ook niet zo mooi. Of misschien moet je in Veldhoven een fel gekleurd Kaffe Fassett lapje kopen waar heel veel kleuren in zitten. Daarmee kun je alle kanten op.