Wednesday, May 18

The girl's back!

No, not me, but Quilting DD revived her blog. I tried to encourage her over and over again, but it took a lot more for her to finally bring her blog back to life :) Hopefully she'll keep it up.
Baking DD made a blog as well: a blog about her baking things. She didn't post yet, but choose a layout etc. Babysteps!

I'll revive mine later this week, much to share, little time !


  1. oooo!!! i have missed Quilting DD's blog - it's good to see her back again!

    Auntia should be posting sometime today - yesterday was the Friday Night Sew-In and she HAS to post (we missed the sew-in last month, so she's been a real slacker)

    LuLu sends her love!

  2. I missed DD's blog too!! AND...I'm happy you are back as well!!!

  3. Good to hear Quilting DD is back to doing posts on her blog! Looks like she is right back into it now!! 8-)

    Baking DD has a wonderful start to her's! 8-)