Sunday, May 29

I promised!

Quilting Dd, who kept quiet on her blog for over a year, keeps nagging asking me to post. She even talked about it with the girls of the fav local quiltshop (what? new project? she didn't post a thing about that! Tsk!!) So when she finally bribed me with 3 fq's, I gave in and promised to post today. So much for "blogging without obligation"!

What's been going on here? Well, a few weeks ago (!) C, Quilting Dd and a very (véry) pleasant day at the European Quilt Contest. Lovely weather, great quilts and lots of shops :)
This is how the busy it was at the coffeecorner!
Pictures can be found at for those who are interested.

Fav quiltshop had a booth there too and they had their own little quiltshow off mysteryquilts. An original pattern designed by the owner and now available as a none-mystery pattern.All quilts had the same pattern but since everyone used their own fabrics, they were very different from one another. 
 That's when it happened. Quilting DD "fell" for one of the quilts, made in red and green. We all thought "fairytales" and "little red riding hood". DD decided she HAD to have this pattern and we áll got excited.
Unfortunately I do not know WHO was the maker of this quilt so I cannot give her the credit :( but this is the one!

So now I'm collecting lime-green and red.
I got these from DD yesterday and together with my own this is what I have so far

Now for more exiting news......(drumroll.......)

Quilting DD and I are going to Birmingham to the "FESTIVAL OF QUILTS".
It's said to be the biggest quilt event in Europe and I am SO looking forward to that trip.

The plans for the Ascension Day weekend will have to wait for another post. (if I wait long enough, perhaps I´ll get another pack of fq´s !?)

Note: fav quiltshop owner commented that the red and green quilt is made by Suzanne van der Schoot!


  1. OMGosh Annemiek that quilt is AMAZING!! I'm going to enjoy watching you make it....that is if you post about the process ROFL.


  2. Mooie kleuren heb je uitgezocht. En ik ben helemaal niet jaloers dat je naar Birmingham gaat hoor!. Ik hoop er ook ooit nog eens een keer heen te gaan.

  3. Zo zo wat een praatje met je dochter al niet kan doen he! En wat een leuke fq's heeft ze voor je uitgezocht.
    Mooi ingepakt ook ! ( haha)
    Ben heel benieuwd hoe jouw home sweet home gaat worden. Scces ermee, en we zien de resultaten wel.
    Groetjes Willeke

  4. De quilt rood/groen is van Suzanne van der Schoot. Groeten

  5. Ik heb de hele serie gezien in Veldhoven en ze waren schitterend. Een van de dames is nog met me langs alle quilts gelopen. Ongelooflijk wat de verschillende stofjes kunnen doen. Ik weet niet meer welke mijn favo was, maar deze rood-groene vind ik wel erg mooi.
    Super dat je naar Birmingham gaat. Onze bee gaat ook, alleen ikke niet .... zucht en huil..

  6. I spotted this quilt too and I LOVE it!! Can't wait to see your progress on it. Are you making it or DD?

    Have fun at the Quilt Festival, when is it?

  7. Bee happy-quilter7 June 2011 at 14:55

    Kwam bij toeval op je site terecht en zag de quilt van mijn lieve vriendin Suzanne! Ik heb haar meteen gemaild met de link naar je site. Ben plaatsvervangend trots.