Monday, May 2

Practice makes (almost) perfect!

My progress so far:
I must say that I'm enjoying the machine piecing more and more...and I'm getting better at it during the process:)
My first windmills

...and my later ones!

The Hargrave ladies explained how to make perfect points and I've been a fairly good student so far, at their Quilter's Academy.
I even discovered that, when I start sewing the hst, I can tell after 3 stitches if the outcome will be perfect or not.
Best part is that I slowly get the feeling that I am in charge of my machine and not the other way around.
Could it be that this handpiecer for over 20 years is crossing over to the machinepiecing camp??


  1. Yeah! Good job! Love the scrapyness on white.

  2. Yes...come on over to the dark side!!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    I thought I would pass this tip along to you (from Jan Krentz), she says you should always press your seams open to get perfect centers on your pinwheels!!

  3. WOAH wat een mooie quilt en die ountjes zijn perfect. Dat boek moet ik ook hebben. Welk kun je me aanraden?

  4. WOW you certainly have improved!! Whatever camp you are residing in, I'll be here to hang out with you. Sometimes I would love to know how to use a sewing machine, I just don't want to put the time into it.....I'm too lazy LOL.


  5. Looking absolutely wonderful Annemiek!! Love the look of what you have there so far, and practice makes perfect! Wonderful! 8-)