Sunday, October 30

The black and white experience part 2

So, where was I?
Join the upper left block to its neighbour, then one block down and joining that to it's neighbour too etc, Then  add blocks from top to bottom, making the horizontal rows.In the end you have the entire quilt chain pieced!
In fact this is taking the art of chainpiecing to the next level. Yeey me!
Breath deep and take the whole bunch to the machine.
Join the rows (muhaha)

 (When that step was taken, days had passed.)
After joining and stitching and struggling the top is done!
Do a happy dance. (no pic, I don't take pics of myself while dancing)
Welcome you neighbour who comes by to say hello and before you know it, she's crawling around your quilttop with bastingthread and needle.
(again, no pic. A pic of 2 women on hands and knees on the livingroomfloor is NOT a pretty sight. Believe me)
(Hmm, apparantly i was so overjoyed that it was done that the pic is upside down)

 Take the layered quilt to the recipient and try it on

If the recipient falls asleep immediately: you did good!
Clean yourself again, clean the machine and vacuum. I never had fabric with so much lint; it drove me nuts.
Take the quilt to the quilter (that'll be me in this case) but that's a story for another post!


  1. You're the 'piecing queen'. Well done and a beautiful outcome.

  2. MOOI! Wat een leuk patroon. Geweldig gedaan! Kreeg je de quilt wel terug om te gaan quilten? Dat is hier nog wel eens een probleem.....

  3. Dat ziet er geweldig uit. Mijn vingers jeuken om ook met dit patroon aan de slag te gaan, maar dat is natuurlijk heel erg na-aperig. Gelukkig heb ik twee hanepoot stofjes liggen voor rokjes.
    De dotty quiltje hieronder is ook helemaal te gek geworden. Ik zou niet weten welke te kiezen.

  4. oooo!!!! waaaaaaaaay cool!!!

  5. An awesome post Annemiek!! You crack me up!! LOL!!
    The quilt looking great so far! Ya done good!! 8-)
    Next project!