Saturday, October 29

Circles and packages

It's not that nothing happened here, it's not having the energy or the time (or whatever) to post. Sometimes you just want to quilt/hang in front of the tv/just surfing the net/read/sleep instead of sharing with the world what you're up to.
This concludes the lame excuses, on to happier things!

I finished my 2day workshopquilt!
 It has it's flaws but it was a good learning piece. Thanks to advices such as clip the seamallowance and pin differently I managed to sew it all together. I even started to piece other round shaped blocks. Bigger and templates without seamallowance. Ánd I found some fabulous designs on the internet for even more round projects, that made me want to get Marti Michell's drunkard's path templates. I'll share all this when the projects are "a bit further developed"
What else did I do? Black and white top is finished! Yeey!! ("black and white experience 2" WILL be posted asap. Got to sort the pics first)
Since I had the idea to MACHINE quilt this one (OMG, that'll be a first one) I headed to the fav quiltshop for advice and thread.
A pic of some Aurifil spools are not interesting, a pic of the paper bag they were put in, IS! *lol*
Aaahh....dots and checks in red and white make me so happy :)
While I'm at it, i might as well show the paper bag (back and front)from a local store where I bought a new battery for my watch.
Daylight saving time ends tonight here so the weekend is prolonged with an hour. Just the time i need to show you the black and white pics tomorrow.... 


  1. I love that paper bag too! It's the little things isn't it? Love love your new quilt top you clever lady!!! Looks tricky but very neat.
    Sarah Red Gingham

  2. Your quilt top is wonderful Annemiek! Love the fabrics too!!

    I've always loved the bags that one comes home with from little purchases in Holland... 8-)

  3. I love your quilt and the fabric in it. When I start adding to my stash, I'll have to concentrate on getting some polka dots - they really zing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. No lame excuses found. Just very understandably "blog tiredness". Love the quilt top! It has come out beautiful. Well done you. Those bags are cute! I think I recognize one of them.....