Tuesday, October 11

We interrupt this program....

 C and I signed up for a workshop almost a year ago and last wednesday it was our first lesson. Next session is next week so I had to put the black and white aside to do my homework. Can't show up empty handed, can I??
The workshop is about round shapes and we wanted to master that on the machine.
It involved lots of these...
Colour aka dots..needed that after all the B&W.

 Plastic templates...yuk! So slippery and so invisible in the midst of fabrics that I spent most of the time searching for them.
 I immediately replaced them at home with old fashioned paper on sandpaper!
 Then you had "how do I get these ridiculous amount of pins under the machinefoot????"
It took me so much time that I could have easily sewn 2 by hand in the same period. But....we didn't gave in and persued the mission to master it by MACHINE. Hell yeah!
 Not the accuracy I was aiming for :(
 But with lots of trimming and pressing I finally managed to sew a block.
Next assigment is to sew rather crooked blocks into a straight and accurate top. *sigh*


  1. Super cute block...can't wait to see the finished quilt! Curved piecing isn't really hard, just tedious. Are you clipping your outer curve in two places? I always do and it seems to make it go smoother.

  2. Wat knap van je Annemiek! Ik zie op de foto niet dat er gefoefeld moet worden! Volgens mij dus echt al heel netjes! Ik ben benieuwd hoe het eruit komt te zien.

  3. I love that colorful block. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looking good! Love how the block came out.

  5. Dat ziet er mooi uit, het is ook een hele moeilijke blok om te naaien met de machine

  6. What a happy colored block! Good for you and C!! Looks good!