Wednesday, December 19

HST magic :) (lots of pics!!)

There are many tutorials on the web for making hst fast and easy. Here's one that'll give you 8 hst in a few minutes. I did not come up with this one and don't know who did, I just want to share...
First you start with 2 squares, one colour for one half triangle. Mine are Christmassy red and white.
Put them on top of each-other and draw 2 diagonal lines and sew on each side 1/4" from the line. So far nothing new.
Then cut: 2x diagonal, 1 horizontal and 1 vertical like this:
Press them open and cut them to the exact size (mine are 3 1/2 ") The precision trimmer by Martha Mc Closky is an absolute wonderfull ruler for that!
And tadááá...8 perfect hst's
Ah, the possibilities!
Unfortunately we need math. Don't worry, it's simple:   
Meaning: A is the unfinished hst and B your starting square.
My hst is 3 1/2". Add 1/2" makes 4". x2 makes 8. So my starting square B was 8".
For safety I added another 1/4". If you are just as accurate as Harriet Hargrave you need not do that.

 Now what to do with these? Make a Christmas pillowcover that's easy to put on and off your cushion!
Sew your block of choice together and put a piece of thick fusible fleece on the back and quilt it if you want.

Then the back. Same hight as the pieced block but for the width, cut a piece that's approx. 1 1/2 the size of the pieced block.
Cut that piece in half
Make a seam on the cut edges
Put both pieces on top op your block, right sides together, overlap in the middle
Sew the overlap to secure it and then sew all the way around.
Sew a lockstitch all around to prevent any fraying.
 Turn, put a cushion in the pillowcover and enjoy!


  1. Wat leuk he, zo een simpele techniek en geweldig resultaat.

  2. I love this!! I did not know how to do this so thanks for sharing!!! Have a very Merry Christmas my friend. I am home sick at the moment with a terrible cold, but hoping it is gone by Christmas (actually before so I can wrap etc). xo

  3. A great way to make HSTs Ann, and what a great little project. Thanks for the tute, math, and project info!! A must save to try sometime!!