Tuesday, December 18

Time for Christmas

My opinion about stitcheries was that it's rather lame and oldfashioned. Probably due to the "jolly"season, I did make one though :) And found it fun to do as well. Who would have known..haven't done any embroidery for over 30 years or so. I just started with no knowledge whatsoever to hinder me.
(found the pattern at red-brolly.com)
But now that it's done, i don't really know what to do with it. Shall i frame it?? Make a pillowcover??
Problem with the latter is that I ran out of large pieces of solid red fabric and ofcourse solid red is the only option I want. I found a piece of somewhat darker red and I guess that'll have to do. No fabricshops in the neighbourhood that sell solids and no patience for ordering online..Besides, i would never get it in time for Christmas anyway.

(Mmm, looks brighter in the picture than in real life...)
Weighing the options, I took a break to surf the net mindlessly and i read this post. Just what I needed! Let me share:
I rest my case.


  1. Mooi geworden! Stitchery is nog verslavender als quilten (als dat al mogelijk is....). Dat ziet eruit als een ontwerp van Bronwyn Hayes! Als je echt een groot project wilt.... op haar pagina www.red-brolly.com staat de Wish quilt...maar ook nog veel meer leuke (kleinere) projecten. Veel plezier!

  2. Nice job! Love the candy cane colors. I'd buy bolts of fabric for Ryan Gosling any time :)

  3. Leuke tussendoor projectjes. Als je nu doet wat Hunk adviseert, zit je nooit meer zonder solids ;-)
    De kussentjes hierboven zijn ook hartstikke leuk geworden. Zouden van mij ook na Kerstmis nog op de bank mogen hoor.