Sunday, August 24

Let there be light!

There's a rail with spotlights on my designwall and one above my fabric dresser. There's no light above the area where I do my cutting. So a trip to Ikea was in order to get another rail. DH immediately got the drill to install it :)
Baking DD and I thought it was funny when the drill got stuck in the ceiling, DH did not agree...
 a few swearwords moments later, there was light!
Now I have to cut something so I can tell if it's all the way i want it and then DH will complete it all to be nice and neat.. Yeey!
On the way to Ikea I took Sven in for the much needed needle adjustments and he needs to be serviced as well. Sewingmachine doctor said it was very busy and that they were a bit understaffed, so fingers crossed I can pick him up again on tuesday. (on tuesdays the Husqvarna man is at the shop)
Tomorrow duty calls again and it's back to work after 7 weeks of free time.
i'd better start looking where I left my company shirt and apron

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  1. isn't the end of summer break sad?!? this was the first year i've had a summer break since i was in high school (could that be more than forty years?!? am i REALLY that old?!? and why, oh why haven't i had more FUN?!?) and it was AWESOME to not have to set the alarm for anyone's needs other than my own ... last monday was a shock to the system, lemmetellya ... have you found your shirt and apron? maybe if you lose them for good you won't have to go...