Tuesday, August 4

Summer post..

 Don't know what happened to june ánd july, but I guess i just didn't feel like posting. When summerholiday finally started, I was lazyyyyyyy......!!!
I did, however, quilt and I sewed. Jeej!
For starters, I finished this

 And C got so inspired by Ms Lori Holt, that she drew a tulip herself, waiting for the book "quilty fun"to arrive. Since tulips are my fav flowers (how Dutch..) I made them into another mini.
Then, having loads of time on my hands, I spent quite some time on Pinterest where I found this design here. A radiant broken wheel, right up my alley!!
I had some solids left from Quilting DD's weddingring quilt, so here it is: my own RADIANT broken wheel!
I do have a batting for this one, but no backing fabric that suits. But no worries, my suitcase is packed for a trip to Birmingham. Festival of Quilts starts coming thursday and Quilting DD and I booked a flight. DH's are guarding the forts so off we will go!

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  1. Such beautiful bold colors! I love it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Quilter's Nest. I'm in vol. 2, and there are yet only 4 volumes. Number 5 hasn't been released yet. And, I too ride my motorcycle when the days are nice and not too hot :) Quilting and motorbikes! Yoo hoo! Vroom Vroom!