Monday, August 31

Lazy days are over!

All good things must come to and end eventually.....holidays are over and since today I had to go back to work. 7weeks of "dolce far  niente" sleeping in and binge-watching all seasons of Dr Who went by too quick.
Birmingham was fun, Quilting DD and I enjoyed the city, the pub and the Festival of Quilts.
I didn' t even got to it to put my pic's on the pc! But ofcourse I did photograph my "loot" on the iPad.
( i'm posting this on my ipad with the blogger app for the first time and i'm struggling a bit. Pics came out wrong, so I had to edit on the laptop. I'll get it eventually!)
TWO backings, a bundle of fun fq's and ofcourse a bundle of dots. 
The red backing is for my last top
(never mind the fresly ironed blouse on the right; blame it on the blogger app)
I sewed a little last week
And what might that be???? Well, they're burbcloths.....?!
The exiting news is that I'm going to be a grandma in january! Quilting DD is expecting her first baby...
Yep, there were three if us in Birmingham. Not even born and already at a big quilt event. Now that's hope for the future LOL!


  1. congratulations!!! i am SO happy for you cuz grandbabies are the BEST!!!

  2. Congrats on your exciting news Annemiek!! You're going to be an Oma!! ;)

    Lovely quilt! Very modern of you! ;)

    I've got a new iPhone that I've tried doing a blog post on, but didn't have the patients to really figure out if I can even do one on there...