Saturday, September 5

New additions...

My fav jeans didn't fit anymore. In fact: everything I wanted to wear became a bit tighter. The scale confirmed what I already knew...I gained some weight :( The eternal struggle! So, time for action and time to stop shoving things in my mouth without thinking. I managed to loose the extra pounds, jeans fitted again (hurray)but I decided to go to work on my bycycle again, instead of taking the car.
After all, it's just a 10 minute ride! (ridiculous to go by car anyway)
My bike is almost 30 years old and I transported the world on it in the days I did not have a car for myself alone. DH had already warned me that the rear wheel was so rusted, it could literally collapse any moment.
So, today I got a brandnew bycycle!
 The model is, just like my old one, the "old Dutch" and that's just what it is. Here people call it a "granny bike"  When  my kids were small, they called it the mummy bike..but with my new status-to-be, this will be a real granny bike.
Ofcourse I dressed it up with polkadots. Easy to spot in a sea of other bikes. (there are always loads of bikes parked everywhere here!)

Next addition is a book. (grrr, flipped pic!)

I always wanted to make some sort of sampler, but I can fret endlessly when choosing blocks myself. "isn't this a tiny bit nicer than that one?' I do like the Farmer's wife as a whole, and now I can just make the blocks as presented and sew. Don't think, but make.
It'll be a longterm project and I will sew by hand again. At least, that's the plan!

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  1. Good for you fitting into your favorite jeans comfortably again! I must confess, mine are getting a tad snug too....

    A lovely new bike Annemiek! I have my "Granny bike" too... but sadly rarely ride it.

    Love your choice for the Farmer's Wife sampler! I made sampler blocks by hand. Quite relaxing...

    Happy stitching!