Tuesday, August 9


....after a 3 week roadtrip through the UK, together with DH and youngest daughter. We rented a campervan and just took of. What a lovely country Britain is! Nice friendly people, beautifull scenery, narrow roads, quaint villages and modern cities...it s all there.
Such a change after years of going to France or Italy. We drove from Brighton to Cardiff, from the Cotwolds to the Peakdistrict and Lakedistrict to the Lowlands of Scotland. Saw Stonehenge, Hadrian s Wall,
 the Cerne Giant 
and the Durdle door. 
Went to the see where Broadchurch season 3 was filmed, visited the Dr Who experience and walked along the cliffs with DD. 
On our way we payed a visit to Pemberly, home of mr Darcy ( he was not at home unfortunately)
 and missed Downton Abbey by a few miles.....but we did see Blechtly park where the Enigma code was cracked. 

3 weeks wasn t enough. Not by far! So we must go back another year, another summer.....
See more of Scotland 
And enjoy another pint in the local pub
Ofcourse I missed CutyPie! She growing too fast, eating breadcrusts and theething all of a sudden. She s 6 months now and pulled a bit of a lip when she saw me again haha! Didn t know who I was anymore!  We will get re aqainted again. Her other gran ,who takes care of her every thursday, is on holiday now, so I'm on call for 2 thursdays in a row! Cuddling and playing, quilting during naptime....that sounds like a plan to me!

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