Thursday, August 25

Hot ☀️☀️

Funny how things go.....last week research showed that the summer of 2016 was " dissapointing" Too cold and too wet. This week it is HOT. Temperature 30C and more. So today 's newsarticle was that this summer is in the top 10 of hottest summers ever.....
Now what to do when temps are rising? You go to church! Not to worship, but to go to a quiltshow..
The building is no longer in use as a catholic church and the Dutch guild held it s annual show there. Plus was ,that is was pleasantly cool inside!

What great effect to paint around a door😀
Now a corner to chat, once a place where babies were baptised.....
The burial place of Engelbert II van Nassau. Somehow related to our king...

But today it all was decor to quilts and quiltshops.
I did not take that many pic's;compared to Birmingham it is a very small show.....yes I m spoiled...
One in particular caught my eye. No patchwork, hardly any colour
It s just stitches! What a great way to pratice machine skills e.g. Perhaps it was that one red bow that did it:)
After the show C and I had a drink in the shade of a giant chesnut tree and then drove to a nearby quiltshop where they had refreshments, soup a great garden and SALE 👍🏻👍🏻
We got " incomplete" moda jellyrolls for an absolute bottom price. The incompleteness ( is that even a word?) meant that no all strips were the same width. Some smaller, some wider. Who cares? It s cheap fabric!!
I also couldn't resist some grey and white. Perfect with red!

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