Monday, August 29

Old love never dies....

Birthdays of DH and I are both in february. This year we got a combined present from our children and last saturday it was finally time to cash in...
We spent the most wonderfull day driving a 2CV Citroën, the one and only car I ever fell in love with. We used to drive one for more than 10 years, long time ago. My great love was a edition called "charleston"
 When I got pregnant with BikerSon, the car had to go. Not the safest one to transport children and it was getting old and weary too. I cried when DH drove it to the garage to trade it in for a familycar...
Saturday we got a "Dolly"edition! Beautifully restored to her (yes, it's a she) former glory.
 We also got a lovely picknick basket which was more than enough to last a day (or more!), a tablecloth, napkins, picknick blanket, coffee, tea, cold drinks etc etc
 Driving for me is a way to go from A to B. Nothing I like or dislike, just getting around. But not in this car!
I drove all day through woods, fields, villages,  recognizing all her buttons, clutch handle, the SOUND of her engine, the SMELL...OMG I LOVED EVERY SECOND!! smiling, loving it all the way.
And now I want to have one again. I'm ready to break the bank and spent my savings if it weren't that we don't have a garage to stall her safely for the years to come.
But without a doubt: this was the best birthday present ever!
( sadly Blogger decided to flip all the pictures i took :( and no one wants to look at 5 flipped pics..especially 5 flipped ones of a car hahaha)

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  1. Voor volgend jaar dan maar weer op het verlanglijstje? Wat een heerlijk cadeau: een leuke dag en een heleboel herinneringen.