Friday, May 14

Cake transporter bag:)

Seems that I got more bags up my sleeve *lol*
Baking DD is busy baking and decorating cakes for the upcoming birthday of Quilting DD. We were talking about how to transport the finished cakes and decided to perhaps buy some kind of plastic container. Next question that came to me to transport a container easily? When you buy a cake they usually give you some kind of plastic bag, buy what if you bake your own like lots of people do? Ofcourse you can go to a cake selling store and ask for a plastic cake bag but I thought GREEN and started to search the internet for a re-usable solution. Finally I came up with this:

Baking DD is not convinced, but I think it will work. I even used a plastic polkadot "fabric" for the inside :)
Anyway, at least it LOOKS great with red and black polkadots!!
What do you think?


  1. Love it, love it and I think it will work great!

  2. I just love it and I think it will work definitely!

  3. i think it is cute as a bug's butt, and practical, too! love those polka dots!

    the bakeries here usually put cakes in boxes (and then the grocery bagger puts the boxes in bags and the bags end up sliding off the car's seat and onto the floor - ALWAYS UPSIDE DOWN!

    p.s. - my word verification is BIOMOM - ha ha ha!

  4. Goed idee en ziet er ook nog leuk uit.

  5. Love it! I think it will indeed work well! Did you find the pattern for it on the internet, or create it yourself?