Wednesday, May 19

Shall I play?

The Quilt Shoppe organises a Spring Bingo. I read it and I'm tempted to play can i not be after I saw their big prize!
And work started last monday after a 2 week holiday. I need something mindless to do to unwind after all..
Don't you have some sewing to do? Yes ofcourse but I don't feel like dragging myself into my messy quiltroom...


  1. i think you should play (cuz the big prize really IS super) AND drag yourself into your quiltrooom so you can play there, too ... just watch out for seam rippers on the floor

  2. I guess it is time to clean up your sewing room if you plan to play Annemiek! 8-)
    Something my sewing room needs too... soon!

  3. No don't play. That will increase my chances to win = )

  4. Meedoen! Ik ga ook meedoen win ijna nooit iets heb meer geluk in de liefde.