Sunday, May 16

Meet...Quilting DD!

Although Quilting DD usually wears lots of basics colours, her favourite is RED!
She has gorgeous auburn hair but that also brings freckles and delicate skin that gets sunburned easily. That's why she likes to wear a hat. She's at her best at an archeological dig where she finds the traces of long gone inhabitans. In her spare free time she loves to fondle fabrics and start all kinds of projects. Finishing them is NOT het strongest point, but when she quilts, her stitches are amazing......

Happy birthday Lotte! My world is a better place since you are in it..
Love, Mum


  1. She's beautiful, I love a woman who wears red. Happy birthdaty to Lotte.

  2. happy birthday to the lady in red ... i love ALL of your little women!

  3. She looks wonderful in a red dress! 8-)

    Happy Birthday to Lotte!!! 8-)

  4. I love her almost as much as the one you made for me! There is someone in Blogland that is making one every month and is going to make them into a quilt. She writes a story like you just did about each one of hers too. Adorable!

  5. Lotte, nog van harte gefelicteerd. Ik hoop tenminste dat je dit leest (je eigen blog loopt een ietsiepietse achter ;-) )
    En Annemiek, jij ook nog van harte. Tenslotte heb jij haar zo prima afgewerkt!