Monday, May 31

Une valisette!!

Does this sometimes happen to you? you're in the midst of things and do not remember how on earth you got there... Well it happens right now to me. A while ago I bought an "bag-in-bag" to keep my everyday bag organised. Quilting DD wanted one and C wanted one, but they were sold out at the shop. So I decided to sew them myself.
C took it to work and her collegues were thrilled and wanted one too. C has an ability: she's a seller..

To make a long story short: C and I made 20 (!!) so far and almost every collegue at C's daycare center bought one.
Meanwhile someone wanted a toiletrybag...and since I mastered the boxy pouch pattern I thought I could do something with that pattern. I saw something similar at a French site, called "une valisette"
Here's mine

I have half a yard of fabric with rubber ducks......and already cut the next "valisette"

Next tuesday C and I plan to spent an evening quilting, but I sewed so many bags, innerbags and stuff that I don't even remember where I left my quilt!


  1. Ik kan mijn ogen niet geloven Annemiek. Dat uitgerekend jij zo helemaal tassen-verslaafd bent geworden. Te gek! En allemaal leuk geworden.
    Misschien heb je je quilt tot tas verknipt?

  2. What fun! And the toiletry bag is terrific!

  3. the valisette is brilliant! although it is SO UNLIKE you to use polka dots ... i'm just sayin'

  4. Het ziet er ook zo leuk uit wat jullie allemaal maken dat ik eigenlijk wel alles zou willen kopen.

    Ben zo benieuwd wat er straks allemaal op jullie site komt te staan.
    En dan maar verkopen, leuk toch.

    Goed dat je ook weer eens een quilt avondje hebt gepland.
    Veel plezier.

    groeten, Monique

  5. Ze zijn geweldig, ik heb ook wel eens een bag in bag gemaakt, maar deze zit er beter uit. Maar 20 stuks!!!!Het toilettasje is geweldig

  6. Awesome! Assembly line sewing sales! Good for you and C! The bags are great Annemiek! 8-)