Monday, July 19

The generosity of bloggers and an apron

When I was Bloghopping the other day, I came across an apron swap and one of the participants used a lovely fabric for her apron. I mailed her to ask which manufacturer it was from, for I promised Baking DD to sew her one. To my surprise (that's an understatement, I sat with my mouth open after reading her response) she offered to sent me the fabric as a gift. How about that!
Last saturday her package arrived all the way from New Zealand
She even took the trouble of making a nice, warming package with a heart and a letter..

Here's the fabric!

I immediately started cutting and sewing. It involved biaisstrips (lots) and even buttonholes for which I had to read my machine's manuel carefully *lol*
I struggled with the biais binding. I bought ready made and it wasn't the best quality, but I pulled it off. My Husqvarna and I are on very friendly terms lately.
This is the result: a sleepy eyed baking DD (quote: what a lame pic Mum!) dressed in a lovely apron!'s reversible :)

Thank you Sarah for sending me the fabric, you rock!
And to give all the right credits: here is where I got the pattern

Now you should think DD is in the kitchen baking ME yummy cupcakes. Nope, she's baking 2 (!) birthdaycakes for friends. Ah well, she's doing household chores so I can sew. Better for my waistline!


  1. Bloggers are the best! Cute apron and cute daughter!

  2. I can't believe you've made it already!! It looks so amazing. It's such a cute style and looks lovely on your daughter. Well done.

    What a great friend your daughter must be to make cakes for her friends birthdays. A wonderful gift.

  3. I think your DD looks wonderful in the apron!! I can almost see her eyes "rolling" at you LOL.


  4. What a wonderful gift of fabric Sarah sent you!!! Lucky you, and the apron turned out lovely Annemiek!!! 8-)