Tuesday, July 13

This machine will selfdestruct in 10..9..8..7..

Last few days were very hot here and not only me got overheated. I was sewing and had a tutorial on my laptop. I already thought my little friend was very quiet, but it didn't sink in that something was wrong and that the laptop didn't cool itself anymore. It overheated and had a meltdown. "sob"..
Now it's really really dead and gone, Dh thinks he can save the harddisk and that'll be it.
Now I'm on the family pc with which I am certainly NOT on speaking terms. I have to share the Monster too with my familymembers and wait my turn..

I can't share any pics either. Nobody's home right now and I have no idea where to plug my USB stick in *lol*.
I guess I will be a bit disconnected and not online as much as I was.
It has a bright side though: less pc time means a cleaner home ánd I even started to handquilt again in the evenings instead of browsing the net searching for whatever what... Hopefully someone can show me how to become friends with the monster so I can share some photo's.

I even was too late to congratulate Mamaspark Pam with her birthday, shame on me!! If your pc still works, stop by her blog to say "hi". Her link is in my sidebar (have to install Blogger things on the Monster too..}


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes my friend!! Maybe Santa will bring you a new lap top??

  2. Oh my goodness Annemiek! So sorry for the loss of your "friend"... Bad in one way, but good in another... I hope you get things figured out on the family pc! Good luck!

  3. En nu maar hopen dat je niets kwijt bent. Sterkte!

  4. sheesh ... Blogger ate my comment ... and now it doesn't seem funny anymore ... wah wah wah

    anywho ... i said something about the fans on our computers being either too quiet or too loud and then being d-e-a-d ... and whined a little about this new computer not speaking technophobe ... and waiting for trained monkey instructions from Auntia ... i know - not funny anymore!