Tuesday, November 9


I signed up for Tinnitus Retraining Therapy in order to coop with my Beep. For those who missed out on this one :Tinnitus is a constant sound in one or both ears, in my case a beep.
The therapy is meant to learn to deal with the given fact that the beep is here to stay.Information will be given about it and ways to relax and ignore your sound will be discussed. I choose grouptherapy. Individual sessions were given by a guy in his early twenties who attended the school where I'm working. No way I'm going to open up to him; I have more to teach him about life than he can teach me.
Groupsessions are given by an audiologist and a psychologist. They sent me questionaires..

Does the beep bother you in everyday life?
Have you trouble falling asleep?
Does noise bother you?
Do you avoid crowds?
                    ..open spaces?
Do you  think about death often?
Have you considered suicide more than once?
Do you hear voices in your head,other than your own?
Do these voices tell you to do things? (only in a quiltshop)
Are you afraid someone wil attack you in a crowd?
Does your Tinnitus drive you insane?
Do your muscles ache often? (they do after answering these questions)
Does your back ache often?  (yep, I worked bloody hard!)
 And so it went on..
You had to answer, with the past week in mind. It doesn't count apparently if one was suicidal 2 weeks earlier .

First "class" is 2 weeks from now. I'm so looking forward to it! It's probably best if I don't mention seeing faces (TWO!) in an old pair of pinking sheers...


  1. Wow! Just looking at what you've got for questions here, tell me that this Tinnitus can be a "MAJOR" life changing situation for many... I hope you are coping better than this all sounds...
    Good for you for joining a support group!!! It should prove to be interesting and helpful for you...
    Take care!

  2. Let us know how it goes. I have that problem, the ringing is sometimes louder than other times. And it isn't all the time, but is annoying. So please let us know how it works out for you.

  3. Oh my gosh...I just now enlarged the picture of your pinking shears and I saw 3 faces...yikes!

    I deal with ringing in my ears, but thankfully it doesn't go on all the time. It seems to run in my family.

    Let us know how group therapy goes.

  4. Oh my goodness it sounds rather awful. That questionaire sounds scary enough.

  5. I hear that Tinnitus is really horrible to have. Keep courage though, cases are known where it stops just as unexpected as it started. Those questions don't vote well for the support group....I hope it WILL be helpful. Let us know how it goes with the therapy!
    Good luck!

  6. I see the faces too....do I need therapy?

  7. I hope that they can give you skills to be able to ignore the sound or at least tone it down some. I have this too but mine is mild and since I have selective hearing, usually applied each time my hubby opens his mouth, I've learned to tune it out for the most part.