Monday, November 8

Measure twice, cut once.....

Last week I decided it was time to sort out all of my quilting stuff. I have small wooden drawers on my table filled with craft stuff and need that space for sewing things. After I did those, I moved on to the big lower drawers of the fabric cabinet. Everything that is bigger than a treadspool I toss into those and it was a mess.
Turns out I have a lot more notions than I thought i had, e.g my collection scissors...
I also retrieved my pinking sheers. The big one belonged to my Mum and I think it was the very first pinking sheers that came onto the market. I remember how thrilled we were when she bought it. We couldn't stop cutting up scraps which was by no means an easy thing to do! Look at the size of the thing!!
All off my tapemeasures share a small drawer now too.

And last but not least I needed a new blade for the rotarycutter..When I came across this limited edition at the quiltshop, I couldn't resist. My fav flowers!

(..and with all this equipment I STILL make lots of mistakes whenever I cut up fabric.  I know: it's not the lack off tools but the absent mind of the one who uses them..)

Strange thing is that I knew where everything was, when it was a mess. Now all is organized I have to open every drawer 10 times before I find whatever I'm searching for.


  1. LOL, that is the worse part of reorganizing. Love to see all you "spare" tools, you can never have enough tools :0)


  2. i LOVE those pinking shears - i see a face in the paint ... do YOU see a face in the paint?

  3. I see a face in the paint on the pinking shears too! Scary!

    Love the tulip cutter...I haven't seen that where I shop...hmmmm

    I'm the same as you...organized chaos is what I call it :o)