Monday, May 31

Une valisette!!

Does this sometimes happen to you? you're in the midst of things and do not remember how on earth you got there... Well it happens right now to me. A while ago I bought an "bag-in-bag" to keep my everyday bag organised. Quilting DD wanted one and C wanted one, but they were sold out at the shop. So I decided to sew them myself.
C took it to work and her collegues were thrilled and wanted one too. C has an ability: she's a seller..

To make a long story short: C and I made 20 (!!) so far and almost every collegue at C's daycare center bought one.
Meanwhile someone wanted a toiletrybag...and since I mastered the boxy pouch pattern I thought I could do something with that pattern. I saw something similar at a French site, called "une valisette"
Here's mine

I have half a yard of fabric with rubber ducks......and already cut the next "valisette"

Next tuesday C and I plan to spent an evening quilting, but I sewed so many bags, innerbags and stuff that I don't even remember where I left my quilt!

Wednesday, May 19

Shall I play?

The Quilt Shoppe organises a Spring Bingo. I read it and I'm tempted to play can i not be after I saw their big prize!
And work started last monday after a 2 week holiday. I need something mindless to do to unwind after all..
Don't you have some sewing to do? Yes ofcourse but I don't feel like dragging myself into my messy quiltroom...

Sunday, May 16

Meet...Quilting DD!

Although Quilting DD usually wears lots of basics colours, her favourite is RED!
She has gorgeous auburn hair but that also brings freckles and delicate skin that gets sunburned easily. That's why she likes to wear a hat. She's at her best at an archeological dig where she finds the traces of long gone inhabitans. In her spare free time she loves to fondle fabrics and start all kinds of projects. Finishing them is NOT het strongest point, but when she quilts, her stitches are amazing......

Happy birthday Lotte! My world is a better place since you are in it..
Love, Mum

Friday, May 14

Cake transporter bag:)

Seems that I got more bags up my sleeve *lol*
Baking DD is busy baking and decorating cakes for the upcoming birthday of Quilting DD. We were talking about how to transport the finished cakes and decided to perhaps buy some kind of plastic container. Next question that came to me to transport a container easily? When you buy a cake they usually give you some kind of plastic bag, buy what if you bake your own like lots of people do? Ofcourse you can go to a cake selling store and ask for a plastic cake bag but I thought GREEN and started to search the internet for a re-usable solution. Finally I came up with this:

Baking DD is not convinced, but I think it will work. I even used a plastic polkadot "fabric" for the inside :)
Anyway, at least it LOOKS great with red and black polkadots!!
What do you think?

Sunday, May 9

Off the yellow brick road..

How time flies when you're having days off! I've been very busy with lots things but I didn't quilt a single stitch.
First Quilting DD, Corrine and I went to the European Quilt Contest. Lots and lots of quilts but we didn't get inspired. Artworks to put on a wall to be admired, intricate machinequilting (handquilting really is totally OUT) embroidered quilts etc. but nothing you'd want to snuggle under...nothing to keep you warm at night. I loved the show, don't get me wrong, but a quilt to me is something to sleep under! I was impressed however with the machinequilting on this small wallhanging...

I came home with 5 pics, no more..and they're not special enough to post.

The booth of Bohin notions was fun to see: crates full of pins and a dress with the gold pattern all made from pins too.

Then DH and I went to an oldtimer motorshow,

with Corrine I went to the market to buy buttons, polkadots and plaids :) (ahh no pic!) Quilting DD came by for an afternoon of sewing and....omg :I sewed  handbag!
Well, I sewed four to be honest. Once I set my mind to something, there's no stopping me :) I made 2 for myself, one for C and another one for a friend

And today is Mother's day! I wish all mothers, wannabe mothers, surrogate ones, mothers in law, grandmothers and every other mother you can think off...a very nice and perhaps sunny day!
 What's better on a day like this than a fq with my fav sneakers, a nice linen notebook and as much red tulips you can put in a vase?     
Perhaps I'll even do some quilting today. After all, following the yellow brick road of quilting does lead to a finished quilt in Emerald City!!