Monday, January 3

Sewing rooms..

Let me start by thanking you all for the uplifting and nice comments on the "I'm not doing so well" post. I'm doing a bit better, thank you. At least i'm not whining and crying all the time and that's a huge improvement :)
Secondly: Let's make 2011 a great year: health, love, creativity...

When I did some blogreading this afternoon, I came across Ranette, showing her tidy sewingroom. I enlarged and admired every picture on her blog and thought about my own spot where I keep my stuff.
I googled "sewingroom" and had a pleasant hour looking at all those different spaces  :)
People have small rooms, enormous ones, messy spots and very clean ones. Some even have their own fireplace!
Lots have different areas for sewing, cutting, ironing etc.
Some pics I randomly plucked from the internet:

Although I consider myself very lucky to háve a separate sewingroom, (only thing I had to do was to kick a child of mine out of the house and claim the space; easy!) I'd love to have different spots for every step of quiltmaking. (And ofcourse more storageroom!) My sewingroom has one huge table in the middle for sewing, cutting, eating, computer...and one fabric cabinet. Plastic fabric containers here and there... That's it.

No matter what sewingrooms there are and how big/ thing I don't get: why have so many people such small tables for their sewingmachine??? Even the lucky ones with a huge amount of space have tiny sewing tables. When I sew a quilt with my Husq. it's a huge mess on my table: piles of fabric, scissors, cutters, pincushion, tapemeasure, food.... You name it and it's there, somewhere..
Am I just messy and disorganised? (could well be!)
How does your sewingroom look like? Any great tips to get lots of stuff in a small room, organised?


  1. Annemiek, my sewing room is one big creative mess! I know where everything is and my fabric is like one big hug. My children have not left home yet so maybe one day I could get organised for five minutes :-) but my personality is a creative clutter of colour.
    Happy New Year and Happy Sewing

  2. ooooo!!! Thelma has a WAAAAY cool table ... go here ... ... to see it - our little space NEVER looks like that, even when company is coming ... and we eat in there, too - it's just a matter of time till i knock over a cup of coffee and swear off food and drinks in the magick shoppe (and THAT resolve will probably last about as long as it did when i spilled all over the keyboard ... slurp ... ha ha ha)

  3. I set up my stuff in the middle of my living room, so I am no help. I hope to take over a bedroom if one of my kids ever moves out, haha.

  4. Oh I want that top right one so badly! Wouldn't it be a bit awful to mess up though? I think I'l stick to my corner of the lounge for now. I wonder what plans you are making for your sewing room now?

  5. Wow Annemiek! some of those rooms are to die for!!! That big room at the top barely has anything in it!!!
    My sewing room is probably average in size, 3.04m x 3.65m, with a .6m x 1.52m closet of shelves...
    When you don't have the floor space needed, go up. Use your walls. I have 2 deep shelves over my computer table, and I store things under it, leaving room for me to sit comfortably. I also store things under my cutting table against the opposite wall, which I still have room for shelves above if needed.. My sewing table is on the window wall. Hubby put deep shelves in the closet where all my stash is stored out in the opening and in boxes/baskets/bags... Where there is a will, there is a way... 8-)
    What size is your sewing room?

  6. I wouldn't be much help either. My sewing machine hides in it's case in the closet 90% of the time, my fabric is kept all in one closet...except those that I have stacked all over the guest bedroom bed. My little corner in the living room is usually pretty tidy though :0)


  7. I'm with you on making 2011 a great year: health, love, creativity...thank you, that will be my words to live by this year!

    Loved looking at all of the sewing rooms you showed. I think the actual sewing tables are small so that we can keep everything in our reach or at least that's my theory.

  8. Allereerst een gezond en goed Nieuwjaar. Dat je maar snel weer de oude Annemiek wordt!
    Ik heb een naaikamer van plm 3 x 3 m helemaal volgestouwd tot en met de vloer. Er is een looppaadje van deur naar naaimachine. Er staan twee grote tafels want ik heb ook een hekel aan kleine werkoppervlakken. Ik heb twee kasten en planken, maar geen plek om nog maar iets kwijt te kunnen. Daar komt nog bij dat de spullen my voortdurend achtervolgen en zich gezellig nestelen in logeerkamer en woonkamer. Eigenlijk zou ik een naaietage moeten hebben......... :-))

  9. Binnenkort zal ik eens foto's van mijn naaikamer plaatsen. Beneden is mijn naaiplekje ook niet zo heel groot, maar gebruik ik kwistig het aanrecht om te snijden en te strijken, perfecte hoogte, en als het nodig is verhuis ik naar de eetkamertafel.
    Op zolder heb ik een grote tafel waar ik quilt, daar heb je toch echt ruimte voor nodig!