Sunday, January 9

Welcome! my sewingroom! It is not always this neat and clean, I admit. I clean it frequently though; I cannot sit and enjoy my own space when it's a mess. That distracts and annoys me big time. Clutter is okay when sewing a quilt, but once a project is finished, all has to be in its place again.
My room is attatched to the livingroom. It used to be my former bedroom. When Quilting DD moved out, our bed moved upstairs and tadááá: I had my own space. Just slide the door open and step in!
On the slidingdoor there's a friendship star quilt, that Corrine made for my 50th birthday.

First the fabric treasure chest. I always have 3 small quilts on the wall there; they change according to the season..
Tins with thread, ribbons etc. on top, a glass vase with pincushioncollection and on the side a wooden quiltrack. Not for displaying quilts,but for quilting purposes. I use it mainly during summer, so you don't have to hold a quilt on your lap when handquilting. Corrine's DH made it for me for that same birthday.

Let's move to the left and there's my big table. I use it for sewing, drawing, cutting, the laptop is there often etc. I usually sit where the machine is, Corrine opposite of me. Oh I forgot: my room is for 2 (or 3 when Quilting DD comes to play along) C has no sewingroom and is a frequent guest in mine. She even has her own can of notions on her side of the table..
Where the white chair is, that's where other familymembers are allowed :) The family pc aka the Monster, pc stuff, cd's, printer/scanner. The monitor can used as a tv as well.  As you can see I have a window; not a spectacular view (the neighbours frontdoor) but it's nice to have daylight..

This is on the wall between table and pc desk: the embroidery I did 100 years ago for DH and the miniquilt in 2007. It's there for DH to make him believe it's his room too. (Dream on..) It prevents discussion about he wanting a room of his own too. Ah men, it can be so easy...
Okay, futher left: the desigwall! At this moment the Attitude Girls panel is on it, but almost empty when I took this pic. In the corner my manikin (is that the correct word?) showing an apron that I still didn't finish. Behid her back the part of the pc desk that holds my patterns (behind the door) and books. If you slide my door further open, you have acces to the rulers and quilt templates. Also the ironingarea..

..and that's it! (I'm happy to post more detailed pics for those who are very nosy)
Ranette showed her room, Myra VIDEOTAPED hers (if you haven't checked that out, please do so now!)
and I'm anxious to see other's . So..who's next?


  1. I really, really, really want to come and sew with you and Corinne! What a wonderful space Annemiek...okay, where is your stash??? hmmmm???

    Love all of the pincushions and what a creative way to display them. I also noticed a candy dish, great idea :)

    Thank you very much for showing your space. I think I'm going to go and check out Myra's room now.

  2. stash is niet te zien. Open met die lades!

  3. Gorgeous - and so neat! Wish I could have one just like that.

  4. Nee, ik ben voorlopig niet next! Wat heb jij een mooie opgeruimde kamer. Ben een beetje jaloers, niet op de ruimte of zo, maar op de netheid en het overzicht. Ik zal vaak naar je foto's kijken. Misschien motiveert me dat. Gezellig dat je er met C kunt zitten en zelfs nog met QDD. Ik trek me maar weer terug in mijn eigen stofnest. De RR vraagt weer mijn aandacht.

  5. What a wonderful space you have and to actually share it with your hubby!!! It's so fun fooling them LOL. It's like my little corner in the living room, Bob thinks I sew there so that I keep him company....yeah right LOL.


  6. Well Annemiek, your sewing room definitely looks... what was the word you used...?...oh ya, STERILE compared to mine... lol! That is OK... One day I will have a more "tidier" looking sewing room when I can afford to get proper storage solutions in here... lol!
    Happy stitchings, and thanks for sharing your creative space! 8-)