Thursday, January 13

Unwanted guests..

Once again, the Monster (aka the family pc) and I need to become friends again.
Yesterday early morning  at 5 p.m. we found that our frontdoor was wide open. All the drawers of my fabric chest were open as well as some drawers and cabinet doors in the livingroom. My laptop, photocamera and the TomTom were missing..
My laptop was an oldie and can be replaced, but I truly mourn the loss of everything that was on it. I don't think that i need to explain that to other quilters with a 1000 sites bookmarked and even more patterns trusted to a harddrive. DH had just made a backup from the C partition, but not yet of the D on which all of my goodies were.
The type of camera I had (and absolutely loved) is no longer available, so we need to find another, just as great. The photos that were on it, are ofcourse lost as well. (I had them on the camera ánd on the laptop..)

Later the day i found my red and white polkadotted pc sleeve was also missing. I know, polkadots áre hard to resist.

Even with all new and extra locks installed, I didn't sleep very well. You can imagine that.
What 's there to do than whine on my blog, count my losses and start over?


  1. Oh my gosh Annemiek!!! I feel so bad for you all. I just cannot imagine the frustration and loss you must feel right now. Oh and anger too I would imagine.

    Whine away friend...that's what we're all here for!

  2. good gawd, woman!!! my heart sunk when i read your post ... and now it is somewhere around my ankles ... i am at a loss for words (if you can imagine that) ... i am grateful that whoever the sumbitch(es) are didn't physically hurt you and yours ... and i hope that he/she/they are caught and your treasures are returned whilst the bad guys waste away in a jail cell

  3. OMG I am so sorry that happened to you! Let me know if I have any patterns you need that I have. You sure have had a rough year!!

  4. OMG Annemiek!!! That is aweful!!! So sorry to hear of this whole situation!!! I can totally imagine your feelings of loss and how you must feel about strangers in your home...
    You whine all you want...
    Take care friend...

  5. Nou, je kunt niet beweren dat je een saai leven leidt. Wat een beroerd gevoel is dat als iemand in je huis is geweest en dan ook nog dingen heeft meegenomen.Afschuwelijk. Ik weet hoe je je voelt, we hebben het twee keer meegemaakt. Ik wens je heel veel sterkte want dit heeft een grote impact op je leven.

  6. OMGosh Annemiek!!! I know exactly how you are feeling about being unsecure and also the feeling of being violated (we were robbed 4 times when we lived in Seattle). What was taken is just things and can be easily replaced but peace of mind will take awhile.

    I'm sending you some gently cyber hugs,


  7. O nee, wat een schrik! Sterkte!