Saturday, January 8

What to say?

I was planning to invite you my to my sewingroom. I cleaned and de-cluttered, made pictures and even put them in a post in order to add text later on. I made coffee and Baking DD had delicious chocolate chipped muffins ready for you all to come and visit :)
Then the doorbell rang; the postman ...: "goodmorning, a package for you, have a nice day" and he handed me a rather bulky envelop.

Dianne, Melissa ánd ofcourse LuLu wanted to sent me something for my birthday in february, but when they read I wasn't doing all that well, they decided I needed it right now. In the envelop was a card saying they thought I needed an Attitude Adjustment. (They are só right!) These girls are not only very generous, they pay attention too.
Note the polkadot wrappingpaper for starters!
What was inside? (better to say: what was not..!) A complete Honeybun, lots of matching fabrics (ah..can you tell I love polkadots?) ánd a pair of soft, warm ,polkadotted (duh!) gloves!  All from Moda's "Attitude Girls", except for the gloves ofcourse, but wearing them just gives you an attitude *lol*          
To complete this absolute great, wonderfull, amazing gift: The Attitude Girls themselves..
ánd, as if things weren't overwhelming enough: another Mary Engelbreit panel
I am só thrilled that someone sent me ALL this, that I was without words for a while. Next project will be an Attitude quilt for sure. I already browsed the internet, looking for ideas and inspiration.
What more is there to say than THANK YOU and....


  1. What an amazing surprise! I just love Dianne!!! She is the BEST. It seems like your spirits were lifted! WTG girl.

  2. Oh what lovely friends to do that for you. I'm sure you have the makings of a very nice quilt there. Well don't muck around, get cutting!

  3. An awesome surprize for you Annemiek!! Beautiful fabrics!!! Luck lady!!! 8-)
    I still want to see you post of your sewing room!!! lol!!! I've been preparing a short video of mine, and the messy state it is in!!! LOL!
    Happy stitchings!

  4. Oooooo what a wonderful package!!! Polka dots are GOOD LOL.

    I too still want to see the state of your sewing room before you get creative again :0)


  5. Waaahhh, ik zit hier met open mond. Wat een verwennerij. Ik wil ook zulke quiltvriendinnen! Ik durf te wedden dat je je meteen een stuk beter voelt. Denk daarbij het potje thee en de muffin en je dag kan niet meer stuk!