Friday, June 3

Ascension day

To enjoy the beautiful sunny weather, I suggested to DH to go for a ride on our day off. He promised me lunch at the end of the ride..:)
We drove along small and winding roads to Belgium, to an old monestary just across the border.
The monestrary dates back to the Middle ages and even older. It has always been nearby important crossroads and on of its tasks was to take care of travelers.
The monks also have a huge herbal garden with every herb you can think of..
This is one patch of many more.

Lunch and cappucino were delicious!

Lots of people had the same idea as we had, but there's álways a parkingspot for a bike or 2, (3,4.....)
Tomorrow another trip is scheduled: the three quilters (C, DD and I) are going to a quiltshow+market in the former home of a real robber knight. It's a castle with a genuine moat around it and a drawbridge.
The weather is looking good for tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to :coffee in the park in the pleasant company of friend and daughter with quiltsshops and quilts within reach.. That sounds excellent, now doesn't it??


  1. Wow what a great place to visit!! Be sure to take lots of pictures at the castle, we don't have castles in the US so I love to see them...moats and all :0)