Saturday, August 6

Let's talk some more French:)

 It kept on raining while we followed the Loire, so we decided to head south towards another river, the Dordogne. Sunflower country!

 Our campsite on castlegrounds..
 Medieval little towns everywhere..

ánd the area where the people lived 17.000 years ago!! Lots of caves with original pre-historic wall paintings. I visited Lascaux, one of the most famous. Actually the replica of Lascaux cave. The original was closed in '63. Visitors caused mold and fungus on the drawings. But....impressive still!

 Next campsite!Is that a castle :)
And the small town where we got stuck. After 2 flat tires, the radiator broke. We were on hold for 6 days, waiting for car parts and repair :(
The Dordogne was beautiful, the castle campsite perfect, but after six days of waiting and again lots of rain (and no means of any transport!) we were NOT as happy as in the beginning!!
On the other hand: it was raining back home too and the view from my own house is by far nothing like this.

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  1. What beautiful scenery. The weather must have been much nicer in France than here, our Sunflower fields are just starting to bloom. I hope the rental company paid for all your repairs on the van!!