Thursday, August 4

Tour de France 1

This was my home for over 3 weeks :) There IS a life after motorbike-holidays and we talked about buying a small campervan ("when we get old"....) for years. We rented this one to learn if traveling like this is something we wanted.

Plan was to tour France and first stop we planned were the D-Day beaches. Visiting a cemetary isn't very "holiday-like" but both DH and I were really impressed and touched at the US buriel site near Omaha-beach

On to happier things! We passed and visited Mont St Michel, an abbey on a rock during low tide. High tide means the sea is all around (including the camper parking space)
After that we met the river Loire. This means castles, castles and...CASTLES!!

 No wonder Perrault got the inspiration for his "sleeping beauty" story in this area! (no, dear readers, sleeping beauty is not written by mr. Walt Disney *lol*)
The last one is Chambord, a royal castle. I have never seen anything like it. This is a picture on/of the roof

Between the castles we came across lots of medieval villages and ofcourse we stayed at a campsite on castlegrounds.
Don't think this post can handle more pics, so more tomorrow:)


  1. Awesome photos Annemiek!! I love seeing castles!!! Would love to tour them myself!!!
    So how did you like renting the camper van? Will you be buying one in your future?

  2. Oh WOW what a great start of your trip!! Those castles are amazing. I'm very much looking forward to your next post :0)


  3. Geweldige reis heb je gemaakt en zijn jullie "oud" genoeg om zo'n autootje te kopen.

  4. I a loving the photos in France. It brings back so many memories! I love Chambord. I loved Chantilly too. Did you get to the white chapel Sacre Coure? (sp?) By far my favorite of all the churches!