Wednesday, August 17

More of Birmingham

More pics to share from our trip! How about this? Raid your granny's sewingbox and put the old stuff into a quilt!

Or do you fancy a more modern approach?
more traditional?
You can also just paint/stamp on a piece of cloth and quilt around those shapes..
This one was great too:)
Quilting sure is no longer a houshold chore but real textile art, although the old style "you can snuggle under"ones remain my favourites.

On sunday we just walked through town, saw the canals....

Interesting shops (no thank you, I'll stick to a pair of converse All stars)

...untill it was time to head home again!
Ofcourse I brought some stuff home :) Not too much though, after all it had to fit in a suitcase that already had some extra (new) clothes and a batting...
 quilting templates DD and I can share
and some souvenir pins. We also got C a "fabricaholics anonymous" pin and to our surprise she came along with DD's boyfriend and DH to pick us up from the airport. Nice!; we could spill our stories immediately while the men stood in line for coffee:)

If all works out and I can go to Quiltmarket in Houston next year or so, I'll come back totally, raving mad. My head still's buzzing with sounds and images from Birmingham, so how will it be after such an event as Houston? More than this old head can take I fear *lol*'


  1. It appears they had quilts for everyone's tastes. How fun to be able to share your adventures with a friend as soon as you got off the plane :0)


  2. Houston is awesome, and exciting, and wonderful, and mind-blowing and exhausting. I go every year (I live near Houston) and every year I say that there must be some way to *train* for this event!

  3. Coming to the US to Houston??? What??!! Why am I hearing this for the first time?? I think we should try to meet up if you are coming.

  4. Oh my gosh, if you come to Houston, you have to come see me! I can't go to Houston this year, but who knows, maybe next year?

    Loved all of your travels and pics of the quilts.

  5. Wat een geweldige ervaring, bedankt voor de foto's. Hopelijk kan ik ook ooit er heen gaan, lijkt me geweldig. Je hebt wel beheerst met inkopen.