Tuesday, August 9

Tour ends in...

From Chartes, which has the famous cathedral with glass stained windows everywhere
...to Orléans with Joan of Arc all over the place
 ...our Tour the France ended where it should end: In Paris!
 Paris was hot, sunny, buzzing, crowded and fantastic! I got sunburned and came home with a blister from walking from the Eiffeltower to the Arc and back again.
I loved the Kadinsky fountain!
I won't bore you with more French pics(and I have loads more *lol*); next post will be English!! My bag is packed and ready: tomorrow morning Quilting DD and I, will fly to Birmingham to the Festival of Quilts. I'm excited (ánd a tiny bit nervous..) but I'm sure we'll have a great trip. I'll take pics and tell you all about our British adventures when we get back :)


  1. Have a wonderful time in England!! Paris is the one place I long to go but mostly to spend days in the Louve Museum :0)


  2. Have a great time at the festival! Did you go to Crepy en Valois? (not sure if this is spelled correctly) it is the place where Joan of Arc spent her last night. Amazing! Our French daughter lived there.