Friday, February 15

Ice, snow and needlecraft's that for a blogtitle:)
C and I planned a girl's day out yesterday. I got off on a rough start since warm water supply was turned of at my house. Meaning I had a choice between an icy cold shower or put the kettle on so at least I could wash my hair more or less comfortably. The rest of me got, well, a wakeup call.
We packed a survivalkit with extra water, a blanky, crackers, extra mittens and such for weatherforcasts spoke of snow and rain and ice, in that order. Someone on the intenet suggested we should also pack a loaded gun in case one got stuck in a blizzard (seriously?), but we had none available so we declined on that.
We went to a rather large needlecraft market, a 1  1/2 hour's drive. We first headed to the coffee and treats corner there. C decided it was a good idea to toss her cappucino all over the table but from that moment on, all went well.
Lots of yarn, felting supplies, embroiderystalls and ofcourse fabric and quilts..C couldn't control herself when she saw new Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  I was on the hunt for solids, but there were NONE!
What I did see was this, in a corner of a stall
 Both were in great condition. I loved the white one but I didn't..It was either buying it or starve ' till the next paycheck and familymembers already want to sign me in for the "Obsessive Hoarders " tv show.  I did however, have a very nice Featherweight chat with the seller which we both enjoyed:)
With lots of selfcontrol,  only got some ribbons and this
which ,hopefully helps increasing accuracy in machine piecing.  
We also saw a hilarious knitting book

Too bad I suck at knitting, otherwise I could have made Baking DD her own Prince ( she loves Britain)
There even was a cardboard, ready to cut, template to make your own Royal Palace balcony...
When we went home, it was allready snowing, but we didn't need our survivalbag, nor that loaded gun..
On the way home we stopped for pizza and the pizzaguy gave us both a rose. Ahh...
 After all it was Valentine's day.
 Speaking of which:I  got all inspired by a picture on Pam's blog, showing blocks with hearts.

  I had some difficulty with bulky seams, but after studying Harriet Hargrave's books (Quilter's Academy, the best books ever) I learned how to fan the seams
Yeey Harriet!
It will probably be finished just in time for Valentine 2014, but that doesn't matter as long as I'm enjoying the process!
Hope you all had a nice day too!

 Spammers found my blog. I tried moderating the comments but my emailbox overflows with over 10 spammails per post. Sorry, but I re-installed the dreadfull wordverification again. I don't like it either!

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  1. Jeetje, ik was donderdag met onze bee in Zwolle. Misschien hebben we elkaar wel gezien?!
    De weersvoorspellingen waren weer eens behoorlijk overtrokken al hebben we door de sneeuwstorm gebanjerd op weg naar het station. We zijn met de trein geweest anders hadden we met 2 auto's moeten gaan. Hebben best veel gezien maar geen enkele 'must have'. Heb dus alleen maar borduurgaren gekocht.