Wednesday, February 6

What a difference love makes...

Love for what you sell, I mean. In this case, love for the Featherweight. Yes, my irresponsible spending arrived today:)
In comparison of my first FW which was supposedly "serviced" but took a lot of effort from my side to get it really serviced, cleaned and working, this is a dream. You wouldn't believe the excess packing. An email with unpacking instructions, a pdf with the machine's manual, an extra spoolspring..You name it and Judy from took the effort.
This FW "purrs". Although I dislike cats and will not have any purring in my vicinity, I like to make an exeption here.
And yes, I am so thrilled with this service that I'm going to show ALL the pictures.
Just saying, so anyone who's already bored can click away and look at blogs that have elaborate quilts to show.
I'll skip the outer ánd inner cardboardbox...

 At this point I considered a coffee break...

 She has the scrollplate..
 it's a Centennial
 I really like her!
Judy even replaced the spoolpin with a cardboard one (the original was removed to prevent any damage), wrapped the table extra and sticked a clear rubber dot to the screw that touches the table.
The footpedal came in a velvet pouch which I will keep:)

Luckily I'm having next week off to play. First job is to sew another bag/dustcover.

It happens  i use more and more "difficult" words (for me)  in my blogposts My dictionary seems to be my best friend. I am considering to stop writing in English. Often I'll have to change sentences to simplify and can't exactly say what i want to say. In Dutch it would be só much easier to express myself.


  1. Oooohhhh annemiek wat een prachtig exemplaar.
    Wat zal je er blij mee zijn, in vergelijking met de vorige. Ik hoop dat ze lekker snort.
    Begrijp ik het goed dat je haar via Singersewinginfo hebt gekocht?

    Groetjes WIlleke

  2. Wat een schitterende machine! Echt een plaatje. Heel veel plezier met z'n tweetjes volgende week. Over het schrijven in het Engels of in het Nederlands.... Veel in het Engels lezen wil nog weleens helpen met die woordenschat...en anders....dan lees ik jouw blogs gewoon met veel plezier in het Nederlands! Succes.

  3. Wat een droppie. Alleen al het uitpakken moet een feest zijn geweest. Heb je nu die andere FW ook nog? Twee machines voor een handquiltster?

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  6. But for some of us, your English is much, much better than our Dutch - so it is helpful to readers of English.

    Thanks for all the sentences, difficult to not.


  7. Mooi!!!!!

    Wat een feest he, dat uitpakken!

    Groetjes, Francis.

  8. From your title I thought this was going to be a Valentine's Day post! Your little Singer is a beauty! Have lots of fun with it!

  9. Oh lucky you! A new FW, and so darn nicely packed for shipping to you! Awesome!!

    I must get my FW baby to the doctors for a look-over/fix, so I too can enjoy mine. Soon I keep saying, but...

    I guess I could manage reading dutch, with my dictionary at had for every 5th word... A scary thought.

    You've got 2 weird comments left here by anonymous... I get such every so often too.