Wednesday, July 23

Happy and sad..

First some good sewingmachine news that happened yesterday! The Husqvarna technician was indeed on holiday, but there was a very nice lady that did the regular servicing and she immediately took a look, adjusted some, gave good advice and I'm back on track! I can sew again and will bring my machine in again for definitive adjustment when the husq man is back.
And solved too: My walkingfoot came without bars and when I asked if they were sold seperatly, I got a left ánd a right one for free! Yeey for my machine-dealer: Rijkers in Veghel!!


and now the devastating,sad part. I got the message that a collegue, her husband and her two little girls were on flight MH17. I didn't know her personal, talked to her on the phone once (she worked at a different location), but still, it brings it all a bit closer to home.
Today was a day of national mourning as the first remains were brought back for identification. It was an impressing homecoming at the airport.

Baking DD and I visited the graveyard an put flowers on my parents grave and on the graves of other familymembers.
It was an emotional day..............

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