Wednesday, July 16

How jalapeños can dust off a blog.....

The too spicey jalapeños from Dianne triggered a up and down email contact between the two of us and it made me realise that I missed blogging. I blog to make notes to myself about how, why and when I make things, but the interaction with other's IS the icing on the cake!

(It has been so long ago that I logged in to my blog that I actually had to look up my password and struggled a bit before I "got" Blogger again omg...Could be the fact that I'm months older since the last post too. Well over 50 means that every week counts when it concerns sanity and memory)

Ah well, what HAVE I been doing all this time. Nothing much, but I did finish a wallhanging a couple of days ago!
This is the original I found on Pinterest, made by a French Team "L'art Quilt de Seignosse"
 This is mine...shamelessy copied without the appliqued birds.

 I like mine better hahaha..

I also decided to tackle my smudgy,worn, once cream coloured seats in the sitting area of my room. They have washable covers, but after 14 years there were holes and stains that were there to stay.
Again I put my trust in Pinterest for a how to. But making slipcovers is NOT as easy as people tell you. ( "my curvy seat from granddad all new in just an afternoon.." Hell no!) It took me some time and effort to sew new covers and to get rid of all the tiny threads that went everywhere but..tadáááá
Light grey, clean and no holes!

Last project is dressmaking :(. Quilting DD talks me into sewing clothing every once in a while. Now she wants to make a maxidress she saw in a magazine with a twisted detail up front. I understood not a thing reading the how to, the online extra's didn't do it either. So i decided to just DO it and I cut up an old sheet.

Now DD and I can pick a date, buy fabric and get sewing. The sheet dress will go to Baking DD ("for the carnaval mum, when I dress up as a greek goddess" LOL) I will reinforce the seams first since I sewed it with very big stitches. I don't want it to tear completely apart when she wears it going out. That would make a goddes of the wrong sort :)

And last but not least for Dianne: these will give a better bathroom experience than jalapeños

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  1. ha ha ha!!! i dunno - little green apples can tear a hole where there shouldn't be one, too!!!

    i'm loving the goddess dress - she'll be the talk of Olympus...

    and now that i've visited my favorite european sewing room, i'm gonna take my morning cuppa and go back to bed (not)...