Tuesday, July 29

I love holidays!

..because not having to go to work leaves energy for other things:)
Another small quilt/wallhanging quilted and bound: "April flowers bring May flowers" (The idea was a mini mini quilt for spring but..handwork takes forever especially if you enlarge the original pattern so you end up with a substantial piece of cloth LOL)
 I used needleturn applique for the umbrella's the Ami Simms way. You draw the shape on the background fabric (right side) and on the (right side again) desired shape. Pin and use a ladderstitch to sew it on. Just keep track of your lines and it'll turn out great. Also a winner to applique cirkels. I cannot make a full tutorial for Ami wrote a (small) book about it!
 I handquilted "clouds" and lines as rain..
 Glued the umbrella handles. Yes, glued them. It'll fray in time but I'm okay with that.

The pattern for a mini quilt is for free! http://camilleroskelley.typepad.com/MINI%20Raincheck%20PDF.pdf which is a miniquilt without the borders.

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