Sunday, August 10

Clover mesh transfer canvas review

Now that's a mouthfull for a title!
Quilting DD and I both bought the mesh thing in Birmingham last year. We saw a demonstration earlier and it seemed a very handy addition to the notion department.
When quilting the Midnight quilt, I finally came round using it.
It's a sheet of plastic tule, to transfer a quilting motif onto the fabric/quilt. I scribbled something on the quilt's template
 Put the mesh on top and , with a PERMANENT marker, went over the lines, so the design is now on the mesh. So far so good, only thing is that your pen shifts in the holes of the mesh, so your lines are a bit wobbly. It has to be a permanent marker because..a. you don't want to smear your hands while drawing and b. you absolutely don't want to smear your quilt in the next step!!!
Next, put the mesh on your quilt where you want the design. Ah...don't use a black marker when the area is black fabric!
 I got over the lines again with my white sewline pencil. Again, a bit wobbly
 ....corrected the lines afterwards
......and quilted
Since the design was on the mesh for 2 days, it wouldn't come off. It's really permanent, so the mesh can omly be used a couple of times untill it's "full".

I'm not very enthusiastic about it and I don't think it's worth the cost. You better use a piece of cheap tule which does the trick as well....


  1. I don't like it either! I kept breaking my pencil in the holes. Have you tried using foundation paper? You can just quilt through it and rip it off later!

  2. Dit heb ik ook eens geprobeerd maar geen succes.

  3. using tulle is a clever idea - i don't do any hand or machine quilting anymore (that's what my best buddy longarm quilter is for - ha ha ha), but if i did, i would put your brilliance to work for me!